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MBTI® Profile

The MBTI® Profile furnishes a summary of your MBTI results, with a tailored interpretation and feedback sessions based on your needs. It provides reported type, explanations of the preferences, characteristics frequently associated with the type, and an easy-to-read graph displaying the preference clarity index.

  • Presents MBTI® results in two personalized pages
  • Lists characteristics associated with your type
  • Clearly explains MBTI® preferences
  • Graphs preference clarity indexes so you can clearly see how your responses indicate your MBTI® type

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Cost per user: $ 31

MBTI® Step I Interpretative Report

Delivers a concise yet thorough interpretation of your MBTI® results

This 5-page report provides an interpretation of your MBTI results. The report includes all the data from the MBTI® Profile (including preference clarity index information), plus:

  • A user-friendly overview of type preferences
  • A brief discussion of personality type and type development
  • An extensive description of your four-letter type

The report delves into the pattern of preferences unique to your type, explains clarity of preference and what it means, and offers tips for verifying type.

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Cost per user: $ 45

MBTI® Step II Profile

Explores the facets of your MBTI® type

The MBTI® Step II™ Profile presents your results graphically in just 4 pages. Your Step I™ four-letter type is displayed first. Next, the results on the 20 Step II™ facets are provided. Descriptions on the facet graphs help you understand the meaning of your Step II facet results.

The profile concludes with an interpretation summary, which provides you the results in brief; the average range of scores of people who have your MBTI type, and the score on the polarity index - a measure of the consistency of Form Q responses.

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Cost per user: $ 50

MBTI® Step II Interpretative Report

Helps you see how your facet results show how you express your type preferences

The Step II™ Interpretive Report is a highly personalized narrative and graphic report that helps you understand and apply your MBTI® results. It can be generated on the basis of either your reported type (results from scoring the items) or your verified type (if you have previously taken the MBTI instrument and verified your best-fit type). If you use verified type, Form Q item responses are also required.

The report offers Step I™ results and describes in detail your four-letter personality type. Next, your Step II facet results are displayed graphically. Personalized text explains those results on each of the 20 facets. These results are then applied to four important components of professional development: communication, change management, decision making, and conflict management. The report describes your style in these four areas and suggests ways of using that style more effectively.

The report also integrates Step I and Step II results to help you see how your facet results add understanding to your personality preferences. The Interpreter's Summary shows your results in brief, the average range of scores of those who share your MBTI type, and the score on the polarity index — a measure of the consistency of Form Q responses.

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Cost per user: $ 75

MBTI® Complete

For the first time ever, the genuine Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment and a basic gold standard interpretation are combined in one powerful package available online.

Developed by type expert Allen Hammer, PhD, and endorsed by the Myers and Briggs Foundation, MBTI®Complete enables you to:

  • Accelerate training effectiveness
  • Ensure consistent, high-quality interpretations
  • Extend your organizational reach
  • Spend more time on what matters most to you most

The MBTI®Complete interactive learning process allows you to:

  • Take the full MBTI assessment on your own timetable and at your own pace
  • Learn about type and how it works
  • Determine your four-letter type and verify your results
  • Receive a 3-page description of your best-fit type
  • Learn about your type preferences, including how you interact with others, your strengths, and important areas for growth

Even before you discover your four-letter type, you'll learn what the different preferences are and how these work together.

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Cost per user: $ 115

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